Five Tips To Get The Most Of Your Natural Grey Hair


Going grey gracefully can be a whole new experience for you. After the lockdown, the number of guests that decided to ditch the hair colour was huge.
We are here to help you to make the most of your stunning grey highlights.

Good cuts
Grey hair doesn’t mean boring and old-fashioned. Team it with a regular modern cut that suits your face shape and it will knock years of anyone.

Colour that can enhance your grey. Having a few ashy low lights can add some depth and make lighter grey hair pop.

If it feels too dark you could opt for some creamy white highlights. especially in the summer. If done carefully and finely, you wont even notice a regrowth.

We also have a gloss range. Not only will it give you incredible shine. It comes in a variety of shades that will enhance your grey or in a clear to enhance. Would you believe it, our gloss also leaves the hair 25% stronger and 37% thicker.

Cleansing shampoo
Grey hair can be more porous. It can absorb, pollution and chemicals found in water and the environment. The wrong products can also leave a residue making your hair look and feel dull. Cleansing shampoos are brilliant to use every six washes. Removing the build-up and leaving an even base for the after-products to do their stuff. Cleansing shampoos will leave your hair feeling,
cleaner, bouncy and shinier.

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Colour (purple) shampoo and conditioner

Purple shampoo is a must for grey hair, but getting the correct one is essential.
Cheaper shop-bought brands can leave your hair looking purple and hair will
also feel dry.

The trick is to find one that will treat your hair and will knock out unwanted tones. Leaving your colour looking fresh.


Grey hair can be dryer and wirey. Salon treatments with every visit. Weekly
treatments at home, will do wonders for the condition.

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