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Owner/Session Stylist/Hair Loss Specialist

Lara, our Owner, Session Stylist, and Hair Loss Specialist, boasts an impressive 25-year tenure in the hairdressing industry. Having managed and owned Arena for  14 years before seizing the opportunity to purchase the salon alongside her husband, Richard, Lara's passion and commitment have propelled Arena to new heights.

While her heart yearns to wield the tools of her trade, Lara finds immense fulfillment in overseeing the business aspects of Arena. Her pursuit of excellence permeates every facet of the salon, dedicating significant time to collaborate with her team in crafting
the ultimate guest experience.

Lara's expertise spans a wide
spectrum, specializing in cutting, short hairstyles, scalp lighting, color correction, curly hair, creative color, blowouts, and updos. Emphasizing the
paramount importance of hair health, she champions the significance of diligent home care to maintain vibrant and healthy-looking hair.

Not only a master of hairstyling, but Lara also excels in hair and makeup artistry for special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, proms, and balls.

Her unwavering commitment extends beyond hair mastery. Lara takes immense pride in fostering a safe haven within the salon for everyone and spearheads Arena's ambitious journey toward becoming a zero-waste establishment. Her dedication to excellence, paired with her genuine care for guests, staff and the environment, sets the tone for
Arena's exceptional standards.



Senior Stylist/Session Stylist/Self-Employed

Carly, our esteemed Senior and Session Stylist, embarked on her journey at Arena 13 years ago, honing her skills to attain the pinnacle of a senior stylist. While she cherishes every aspect of hairdressing, her true expertise lies in precision cutting.

With a knack for transforming short hair, clipper cuts' styles, bobs, and crafting impeccable fringes, Carly believes in the power of subtle modifications to create monumental transformations. Trained as a KEVIN.MURPHY session stylist,
she's your go-to for the perfectly styled blow-dry that exudes sophistication
and class.

A true perfectionist, Carly's
hallmark is her attentive ear for her clients' desires. She listens intently, ensuring each cut aligns perfectly with their vision.

Her invaluable tip: Protect your hair from heat damage to maintain its shine and health. Carly likens it to wearing sunscreen for your hair—her recommended shield? KEVIN.MURPHY's HEATED.DEFENCE.

With Carly, it's not just a haircut; it's an experience tailored to perfection. Book your appointment today
and witness the artistry and care she brings to every client's journey. Your
hair's transformation awaits, guided by Carly's precision and expertise!

Carly has recently embarked on an exciting journey, transitioning to renting a space within Arena to expand her clientele independently. While she's charting her own path, we continue to wholeheartedly support her decision.

Although she operates within her space, Carly remains an integral part of the Arena family. We maintain a close collaboration, ensuring that all Arena guests have the opportunity to book appointments with her. To schedule your appointment with Carly, please reach out to the salon directly by phone.

Rest assured, Carly's dedication to providing exceptional service and her commitment to her clients remain unchanged. We're thrilled to
witness her growth and support her in this new chapter of her career.



Creative Stylist/Employed/Hair Loss Specialist

Meet Maddie, our vibrant and dedicated Creative Stylist and Hair Loss Specialist, whose passion for hairstyling ignited at the tender age of six, setting her on a remarkable five-year journey in the industry.

Maddie lives and breathes the art of hairstyling, specialising in hair cutting, embracing natural textures, and creating stunning looks through her love for creative colouring. Her commitment to continuous learning fuels her drive to offer the best for her guests, always seeking new techniques to elevate her craft.

Radiating positivity and an infectious optimism, Maddie has a natural gift for uplifting those around her. Her zest for life shines through in her work, creating an environment where joy and creativity thrive.

With an advanced Level 3
qualification, Maddie's expertise spans various domains, particularly excelling in gents' cuts, creative colour applications, perming, curly hair techniques, hair loss solutions, extensions, bouncy blowouts, and lived-in cuts.

For Maddie, it's more than hairstyling; it's about providing a stellar 5-star service, making people feel their best. Her top hair tip? Embrace your natural hair texture—don't fight it; rock it with confidence.

Among her arsenal of products,
Maddie swears by KEVIN.MURPHY's Motion.lotion for defining naturally wavy or curly hair, adding a touch of magic to every style.

With Maddie, it's not just about transforming hair; it's about transforming your confidence. Experience her passion and expertise first-hand, and let her unleash the best version of your hair journey!



Creative Stylist/Employed/Hair Loss Specialist

Chloe, our esteemed Creative Stylist and Hair Loss Specialist, is a homegrown talent who has flourished at Arena through extensive training. Her nurturing nature and calming presence reflect her beautiful and caring soul, while her quiet confidence speaks volumes about her boundless talents.

With an innate flair for creativity, Chloe specializes in vibrant vivid colours,
lived-in blondes, chic bobs, curly hair transformations, luxurious long locks,
short hair and the artistry of Keratin treatments and extensions. She embraces every facet of hairdressing, believing that great hair requires consistent maintenance at home. Known for her fearlessness in delivering stunning transformations, Chloe isn't shy about wielding the scissors when authorised.

Recently, Chloe has expanded
her expertise to become a specialist in hair loss solutions, aiming to empower guests and boost their confidence. Her comprehensive knowledge, combined with her exceptional hairstyling skills, ensures a path to thicker, fuller hair for her clients.

Beyond the salon, Chloe finds solace in gardening, knitting, and expressing her creativity through art—a testament to her multifaceted personality.

Her expert tip: Invest in good
quality hair brushes; they make a remarkable difference in styling and maintaining hair health.

Chloe's go-to product, KEVIN.MURPHY's Ever.Smooth, is a game-changer, ensuring your style lasts for up to three days, giving you enduring confidence in your look.

Ready to experience Chloe's transformative touch? Book your appointment today, and prepare to be amazed by the magic she weaves into your hair journey. You won't be disappointed!

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Creative Stylist/Employed

Introducing the newest star in our salon galaxy, the exceptionally talented Riley! With a lifelong passion for the art of hairdressing, Riley brings a constellation of creativity and expertise to our team.

Riley's repertoire spans a wide spectrum of styles, from breath-taking free-style balayage to sculpting the perfect blonde that harmonizes flawlessly with your personality and skin tone. Whether it's a chic and trendy bob, a sharp gents cut, or nurturing your
luxurious long locks, Riley is your go-to stylist.

Her specialization in Keratin smoothing treatments and hair extensions for fine hair is a game-changer. Let Riley breathe life into your fine hair, adding volume and fullness like never before.

But it's more than just looks
for Riley; it's about igniting your confidence and radiance. Committed to
staying at the cutting edge of the industry, she continuously evolves her
skills, offering you the latest trends and techniques.

When you book with Riley, you're not just getting a stylist; you're inviting a passionate artist dedicated to unveiling your best self. We're thrilled for you to experience the enchantment of Riley's expertise at our salon. Whether it's a dreamy balayage, a fresh
blonde transformation, a sleek bob, a dapper gents cut, or simply maintaining your fabulous long locks, Riley has the mastery to bring your vision to life!

Embark on your hair transformation journey—schedule your appointment with Riley today and discover the magic she can weave into your hair story!Introducing the


Creative Stylist/Employed/Hair Loss Specialist


Nikki - Front of House

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