Reasons to have your hair lightened at Arena



We're thrilled to share with you why Kevin Murphy Lighteners are the superior choice for achieving stunning, vibrant hair colour. At Arena , we believe in providing our customers with the best products and treatments to ensure your hair looks and feels its absolute best.




Here's why Kevin Murphy Lighteners stand out among the rest:



Gentle Formulation: Kevin Murphy Lighteners are formulated with gentle ingredients that prioritise the health of your hair. Unlike other brands that may contain harsh chemicals, our lighteners work to lighten your hair while keeping it strong and healthy.




Efficient Lightening: With Kevin Murphy Lighteners, you can achieve your desired lightness quickly and efficiently, saving you time and minimising potential damage to your hair.




Versatility: Whether you're looking to achieve subtle highlights or make a bold statement with full bleaching, Kevin Murphy Lighteners offer versatility to suit your desired look.




Consistent Results: Say goodbye to uneven or patchy results. Kevin Murphy Lighteners provide consistent, reliable performance, ensuring that your hair colour turns out exactly as you envisioned.




Key Ingredients: Some of the key ingredients in Kevin Murphy Lighteners include:

    • Kaolin Clay: Helps to protect the hair and scalp during the lightening process, minimising irritation.
    • Aloe Vera: Soothes and moisturises the hair, promoting a healthy scalp and preventing dryness.
    • Rice Protein: Strengthens and fortifies the hair, reducing breakage and damage.



New Enhancement: Epres Bonding Treatment: To further enhance the health and integrity of your hair, we're excited to announce that we now include the new Epres Bonding Treatment with all our colour services. This innovative treatment works to strengthen and repair the bonds within your hair, resulting in healthier, more resilient strands. Because we believe that healthy hair is the key to beautiful hair, we're committed to providing you with the best care possible.





At Arena, we're dedicated to helping you achieve your hair goals while prioritising the health and integrity of your hair. That's why we trust Kevin Murphy Lighteners and enhance their performance with the Epres Bonding Treatment, ensuring that you leave our salon feeling confident and radiant.


Experience the difference with Kevin Murphy Lighteners at Arena . Book your appointment today and let us help you illuminate your hair to new heights of beauty.