Six Ways To Look After Your Hair This Summer

Six ways to protect your hair this summer


Did you know that the sun can really damage your hair. Just like you protect your skin from the sun, we should be doing the same with our hair. 


1. Wear a hat or a stylish head scarf. This is the ultimate protection for our hair and face. Also we don't want extra wrinkles from squinting at the sun.

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2.Summer hack 

Whether you are sea swimming, snorkelling or taking a dip in the pool you should wet your hair in the shower first. This means the shower water acts as a barrier against the chlorine and the sea water. Genius!


3. Use UV protection for your hair. Would you go out in the sun without UV protection. Don't do the same with your hair! We recommend. 



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4. Leave off the highlights before you go on holiday. I know its tempting but this could dry your hair out even more. Opt for a cut and a treatment. If you still want a colour, just have a few foils to brighten those roots up. 


5. Use a hair detox shampoo. 

Regular shampoos wont remove the build up from the sea from pollution, chlorine & minerals. If its not removed your hair will feel weighed down and any products you do put on your hair will have the opposite effect. We recommend

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6. Lay off the heated tools. 

Make the most out of the summer vibes with relaxed hair. Let you hair naturally dry with some natural movement. However you will need to use products to define that wave and give you moisture. We recommend 


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Finally enjoy the summer, meet up with friends, take up a new hobby, live life to the fullest and look after yourself and your hair!