Ten Things Your Stylist Should Be Discussing In Your Consultation!

Sometimes we can get through life without ever really finding any solution to why our hair won’t do what we want it to do.


One of these reasons is that maybe you haven’t found the right hairdresser for you and your hair.


Consultations are the key to good hair. We believe that consultations help us to create a bespoke style that you will love and with our advice and tips, be able to maintain this style at home. Whatever service you choose to book.


10 things your stylist should be discussing with you in your consultation


Your challenges and problems


What do you dislike about your hair?

We love this question because we love solving those problems. There is always a solution. Whether it’s a product, a new colour, a shorter fringe, or maybe you’re just not using the correct brush at home.


Face shape


Is so important when cutting and even colouring your hair. A lot of the time our guests think they have a certain face shape when actually it is the complete opposite. Every face shape has a style that will look amazing on them.


Skin tone


Have you ever had the comment, the colour of that jumper really suits you? Well, it’s exactly the same for your hair. Hair colour is so important for your complexion. It can bring you and your skin tone to life. You will know when you have the perfect shade. It won’t make you feel washed out when you haven’t got a tan or any make-up on. We have some special tools that will help us find out the perfect shade for you





Will your lifestyle affect your style? Do you play lots of sports and tie your hair back? Do you have a job where crazy colour is not an option? Giving you the right advice and sometimes alternatives can really help you to make your decisions.


Previous colour


It’s always important for us to ask this question but also for you to tell us. Being transparent and honest will help us to manage your expectations. The health of your hair is one of our main priorities. The previous colour that may be hidden by a natural hair colour must be disclosed. We don’t want any nasty surprise that will affect the outcome. Three years of colour hair history should be discussed.


Hair condition


If you are desperate to get those blonde locks, you have always wanted or you want to shift the black box dye that you have been doing for the past 10 years.

The condition is at the forefront of the conversation. There is no point in getting the colour you really want but then having to compromise the condition. Sometimes these things can take time. Treatment before the big colour service is highly recommended.


We have carefully selected some of the best treatments on the market. That will strengthen, thicken, revive, rejuvenate and restore your hair.

Leaving it easier to manage, shinier, softer, and stronger. We have a treatment for everyone, whether it, is sun damage, chemical damage, heat damage, hair loss, or scalp problems.


Scalp condition


We know how irritating and sometimes embarrassing scalp conditions can be. We are here to tell you it is more common than you think. It can be due to several factors. Diet, stress, medication, environment, or incorrect aftercare are just a few. It is important that you try to get to the root of the problem. We are here to help give you advice.


We have a brilliant scalp range. It will help rid flaky scalps and also relieve soreness and itchiness. Take you and your scalp to a 30-minute SCALP.SPA treatment.


Suggesting ideas


Your stylist should be confident in suggesting ideas that would really suit you.


How to style your hair at home


Leaving the salon with the hair you love. Then when you wash it, it never looks the same.


Angles of your hair dryer, the correct brush, how to use the iron to curl, styling your new fringe. Your stylist will be able to help you and show you how to achieve your hair goals.




Aftercare at home is so important. When you spend money on your cut and colour it’s an investment. Products to help with frizz, longer-lasting colour and hair thinning are just a few problems that they can solve. Listen to your stylist, if they really believe in the product range they use, then they will recommend it. We have selected premium products with results that work.


We believe in the 5-star customer journey for all our guests


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