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How should I prep my hair before the wedding?

Preparation is essential. I would take advice from the stylist that is doing your hair on the day. Regular treatments are important before the wedding. Hair trims are important, but nothing drastic as this may affect the hair up or style you want.

Colouring the hair professionally is always good to do. Adding different tones to the hair can really help the look of your wedding hair.


How should I prep my skin for my wedding?

Get some advice from a skin specialist. Don’t have a facial in the week leading up to your wedding as you may get breakouts. Exfoliate and lots of moisturiser the night before will also help the skin to look glowy and give even coverage for the makeup. Drink lots of water in the week leading up though.


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Should I get my eyebrows waxed before the wedding?

Yes, eyebrow colouring and shaping can complete a make-up look. Make sure you have tried and tested your brow specialist before though.

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Should I have schedules for the preparations?

Yes, it will help the morning go smoothly and be less stressful. It also stops crowding in your room and the wedding party can be helpful somewhere else.


Hair preparations for the bride on the day?

Your stylist will advise 9 times out of 10. Hair should be washed in the recommended products and then blow-dried. Ready to be styled or put up.


Hair prep for the guests?

-Hair up. Guests need to have clean fresh and dried hair the night before or on the morning of the wedding. This will ensure they get the best of their hair up.

- Blow-drys. Guests should wash their hair in the recommended products just before their blow-dry.


How should I organise the room for the day?

Try to be as organised as you can. Lay out all the stuff you will need for the big day and pack everything else away. Ask your guests to help get rid of dishes and glasses. Tidy room, Tidy mind. It’s also nicer to come back to a tidy room later.


What time should my stylist be there?

Big bridal parties may need around five hours of preparation. Most weddings are usually early starts. So, try to go to bed early.


What time should my stylist leave on the wedding day?

We like to be complete an hour before the wedding. It gives the photographer time to take pictures. Also, enough time for you to have those magical moments with your loved ones. We may hang around whilst they pack up their equipment and get some pictures. This may be the time the stylist waits to put the veil on.


Who will put my veil on?

A stylist will put on your veil. Sometimes when there is a long drive to the wedding ceremony, we may show a member of the bridal party how to put it in.


How do I take my veil off?

There is no doubt that veils do a little damage to the wedding style. That’s why we normally put the veil on at the very last minute. We will show one of the bridal parties how to take it out to limit this damage. Afterward, you may have to smooth out some areas.


When should I take my veil off?

It is entirely up to you but usually brides take it off just before the wedding breakfast or after the ceremony.


How do I top my lipstick up?

Whatever lipstick you choose, we can give you some deposable lipstick sticks of your chosen shade .Or you could treat yourself and buy the same lipstick, your makeup artist can give you the make and shade. 


How long before the wedding should the wedding party be ready?

45 min - 1 hour, this will give you time to have some great photos, and spend some time with loved ones. 


What should I take in my handbag?

A small bridal handbag is always useful. Appoint one of the bridal parties to keep it with them.

-Small perfume

-Lipstick top up

-Translucent powder





Should I need to touch up my makeup?

Your make-up artist will use primers and setting powders to make the makeup last. Before your stylist leaves they would do a final check. After a lot of hugging and kissing you may need a top-up of lipstick and a bit of blush.


What is your backup plan in case there is an emergency and a stylist can not attend?

99.9% of stylists make it to the wedding. We have a talented wedding team on hand if necessary. All your information is recorded. including make-up used, hair products, inspirational photos, and trial photos. This will all be in your Whatsapp group so another part of the wedding team will be able to recreate the look. We’ve never let a bride down yet!!


Should I need to touch up my hair?

Not usually, only after taking the veil out. If your hair is down, we may advise you to comb through with a wide tooth comb later in the day.


Should I give the wedding team direct instructions?

This would be very helpful. Sometimes destinations may be tricky to get to. detailed instructions are really helpful.


Does my stylist team need liability insurance?

Your venue may ask for liability insurance. All stylists should have liability insurance.


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